Mother's Day x GMS 2020 ❤

May 02, 2020

Our favourite Mum's & Daughters celebrating Mother's Day 2020 in GMS.

"She's the kindest, sweetest, strongest woman I know. Everything I aspire to be she has in abundance"
I love being a Mum because you make very special memories and enjoy so many fun times...
Mum does absolutely everything before we even know it needs to be done. She has the biggest heart and we are so lucky to have her...

I love my Mum because she is always there for me, no matter what, and she will always put others before herself which I think is really special...

I'm so lucky to be her Mum, it's so special. Becoming a Mum has also made me appreciate my own Mum even more...she's incredible...and the best grandmother too!


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